Winter Tyres

Winter Tyres

With the three most important categories of tyres available, it becomes vital to know which the best pair as per the season is. When the winter season arrives, it becomes necessary to shift to the winter tyres to deal with snow, ice and sleet. Though they look similar to the summer tyres yet, winter tyres are solely designed to offer a better grip and braking control in the lower temperatures. There are many advantages of using winter tyres during the colder months. It’s a fallacy that winter tyres are installed only to drive in snow, but these tyres work marvellously in conditions below 7°C and even in wet conditions.

At Farnsfield auto care, you will find the widest assortment of winter tyres that allows the tread to bite into the snow and hence offers an interlocking grip. These winter tyres are from the big brand names like Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, and Bridgestone, etc. with increased groove and sipes ratio than a standard summer tyre.


Winter tyres are designed using a unique rubber compound to ensure that there is much of the tyre connected to the road to offer maximum grip and hold.

  • These are mainly developed by keeping in mind the harshest cold weather and lower temperature conditions.
  • Their tread patterns are also unique to withstand heavier rainwater.
  • They offer shorter braking distances which keep us safe on wet and icy road surfaces and handle the vehicle in a better way which can be a big plus for you while driving.
  • Hydroplaning is the situation when your car loses traction with the road due to water on roads. Winter tyres are perfect at dispersing water very quickly from the tyres and hence reduce the risk of hydroplaning or aquaplaning.

In case you are looking for the winter tyres in Newark, end your search here at Farnsfield auto care. We are here to help you out happily!