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wheel balancing

To get the best performance from your vehicle, you would want to keep your tyres in good shape. This also means that the tyres must be able to carry heavy loads without losing balance on tough terrain. Wheel balancing helps to make sure that your tyres carry the weight of your vehicle equally. If you are not sure about this, get your car to our experts at Farnsfield Auto Centre. Our repair services ensure that all your four wheels spin evenly and you enjoy an optimal driving performance.

The importance of wheel balancing cannot be stressed enough. A well-maintained wheel is essential for the long life of the tyre and performance of the vehicle. Moreover, properly balanced wheels ensure that you experience a safe and smooth ride on every terrain.

Wheel Balancing For Effortless Driving

Wheel balancing is the process of equalising the weight of the combined wheel assembly. This ensures that the wheels spin smoothly even at high speeds. With time, the balancing changes as the tyres begin to wear off. Tyre rebalancing is needed when tyres are rotated, or when they are swapped in winter or the summer season. This rebalance almost certainly extends the lifespan of the tyres and improves their performance.

Unbalanced tyres can cause vibration, uneven wear, and potentially unsafe driving conditions. Daily tyre tread wear may also lead to changes in the distribution of weight around them and the wheel assembly. Having the wheel balanced reduces their potential vibration. These distractions can be felt in the steering wheel, floorboard, and the seat. Technicians recommend having your wheels balanced at every 3,000 to 6,000 miles. But if you experience signs such as steering wheel vibration, seat or floorboard at highway speeds, or cupped wear on your tyres, it would be good to visit your mechanic.

One of the other reason your wheels may require proper balancing is that your modern-day vehicle is lighter in weight. Therefore, they are not able to smoothly ride by suppressing the vibrations felt due to imbalanced tyres. As modern tyre design is more responsive for style and performance; tyre imbalances can cause problems for both the tyres and the vehicle. Hence, wheel balancing is needed to ensure a smoother drive, and reduced tyre wear.

While correctly maintaining your tyres is essential, most drivers are not sure how to go about it. Get your vehicle to our garage and forget all your tyre worries. Our team of experts know exactly how to put your tyres back in shape. We run the latest diagnostics and use the best equipment to ensure that your wheels are balanced.

Our tyre repair and balancing services can be booked at affordable prices. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, our technicians will work on the repairs. You can schedule an appointment with us via email or on the phone. Visit us today!