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Are you looking for the Wheel Alignment service for your vehicle?

Farnsfield Wheel Alignment Newark:

Obviously all cars need to have all 4 wheels running in line with each other, problem is many cars can very easily and quickly lose this synergy. A simple kerb or pot hole can knock out your wheel alignment very easily making the vehicle unbalanced and changing the vehicles handling and safety.

Not only that, Vehicles that have tracking misaligned can also:

Reduced wheels wear and tear – not having a correct aligned wheels is a huge cause of major tyre wear and tear.

Wheel Alignment

Increased fuel consumption – If your wheel is going through fewer rolling struggle then you will see your fuel mileage boost as the result.Improved handling – Stop your car from drifting to one side, fluctuation or consistent adjustment to keep the car straight by getting your wheels laser aligned.Newark Wheel Alignment At Farnsfield Auto Centre, our highly trained technicians use cutting edge laser alignment equipment to ensure that your wheels are aligned properly and are working the way they should making sure your tyres get the best wear and that you are getting the best fuel economy your vehicle can do. We can perfom both two and four wheel alignments for anything from a smart car to large van.

Frequently asked questions about Farnsfield Auto Centre wheel alignment service

What are the signs that my wheels are not aligned?

Does your car do any of the following

Your steering wheel either pulls right or left?

You steering wheel feels lose and has play in it when driving?

Is your vehicle vibrating?

You are going through tyres quickly

In a straight line, does your car pull to one side?

How regularly should I get my wheels aligned?

We recommend that you should get your car wheel alignment every ten thousands miles or once a year.

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