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Are you looking for the Vortex Exhaust for your vehicle?

Farnsfield Auto care offers The Ultimate Performance Exhaust for Your Cars- Vortex Exhaust system. Vortex Exhaust Technology presents a cost-effective way to 'here and now' solution for emissions reductions and engine efficiency.

We are gratified to be the only authorised Vortex dealer in the town. We believe that Vortex exhausts are a revolutionary idea in the performance exhaust market. Therefore, we take pride to bring this unique concept of releasing more power and improving mpg to our clients.

This stainless steel exhaust made incorporating Vortex components is surely going to improve the efficiency of your vehicle as well as the engine while saving your money on fuel.

What is Vortex Exhaust system?

This exhaust system came up with the uniquely engineered and designed stainless steel bolt that gives out the optimum level of force. Furthermore, it gets quickly bolt to the existing mounting points, making sure that everything is done conveniently. The materials used in their making are known for their durability, and we take pride in introducing this highly advanced system for you. We help you to get in touch with the latest advancements in the automotive industry.

The passionate drivers believe in more the power, more the torque, and more the mpg and yes more will be the enjoyment while driving. Therefore, the unique header designs with high power efficiency of the exhaust system offer a great engine audio note- makes it roar!!

These Vortex high-performance exhaust products are unique. They are known for creating a new generation of exhaust technologies that improve volumetric performance and eliminates backpressure issues.

What is backpressure?

It is one of the biggest problems for internal combustion engines. The backpressure situation arises when the engine needs to get rid of the burnt gas and wants to work properly, but the blocked flow creates trouble. Usually, the flow is blocked by catalytic converters, filters, silencers and baffles. Therefore, Vortex is the only technology that can not only reduce but eliminate this problem.


No matter what you drive, it will bring out the maximum engine efficiency. It is one of the High-quality stainless steel exhaust systems that serve a broad range of applications. They are suitable for any vehicle with an internal combustion engine working on petrol, diesel, biofuels, CNG, LPG, etc. They serve the purposes of all the engine types.

How Vortex Exhaust Technology Works?

The backpressure is the result of the engine’s inability to throw toxic gases out of the combustion cylinder efficiently. The Pulse waves and the incredibly hot gases when clashed with dense and cool air results in volatile conditions which causes a severe loss of engine efficiency.

Vortex technology uses wasted energy to accelerate the gas over a profiled shape, creating a vortex. Acceleration causes the low pressure in the front of the vortex which ultimately results in a vacuum effect. The low pressure allows the engine to evacuate the gases slowly and accurately which other exhaust systems are not capable of. This allows the engine to breathe freely with little or no gas leak troubles. It also allows cleaner air into the cylinder for complete combustion.

The spiralling speedup of gas out of the system avoids backpressure situation and results in-

  • More power
  • More torque
  • More MPG
  • Reduced emissions
  • Reduced engine stress
  • Reduced turbo lag etc.

What makes Vortex different from other Exhaust systems?

Vehicle legislations have made it mandatory for the manufacturers to cut on the emissions. As a result of which, manufacturers are making the exhaust systems more complicated and rigid and even more restrictive to gas flow. But at the same time, they are reducing the vehicle’s performance and power. But in case of the Vortex exhaust system, emissions are also reduced; improvement in volumetric efficiency is also seen without affecting the vehicle performance and power. All in all, Vortex products are unique and have created a new generation of exhaust technologies.

Vortex Exhaust Technology is the only technology that is immediately available to leave an impact on emissions and that too TODAY. They have designed and manufactured an extensive range of automotive high-performance exhaust systems. With their production facility in the United Kingdom, quality control and quality assurance are guaranteed. Only high-grade 304 and 316 stainless steel is used in their construction, and regular batch testing is done to ensure they continue to meet our stringent design specifications.

Importance of Vortex Technology to Reduce Toxic Emissions

To become more environmentally friendly, we need to get into ways to reduce the emissions of internal combustion engines into the environment. This also affects the environment and the people too. Vortex Exhaust Technology is something that provides a real and practical, significant solution to significantly reduce emissions along with boosting power.


  • Vortex Exhaust Technology delivers better engine effectiveness and performance.
  • Longer engine life
  • Longer catalyst life
  • They perform well in every condition.
  • Improvements to fuel consumption and performance are also encountered with its use.
  • Longer DPF life
  • It results in significant power gains and dramatically reduced emissions.
  • Increased service intervals
  • They can be fitted to any vehicle and will enhance engine performance, cut emissions and save fuel.
  • Improved heat dissipation.
  • Less carbon build-up
  • Apart from the technical benefits, appearance-wise also they look great!

We have a vast selection of exhaust systems. We’re expanding the number of models covered rapidly to meet all needs and requirements of high-performance cars to 4x4s, commercial vehicles, industrial, etc.

Importantly, there are NO adverse effects at all. When it comes to the Vortex exhaust system, we are proud of our quality assurance, quality control and our exemplary customer satisfaction record. Believe us; Vortex exhaust system is leading the way in exhaust technology.

Contact us to determine the best exhaust system for your car. Grab your ultimate choice of performance muffler and exhaust system today and get the full control of your exhaust sound and performance level.

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