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It is evident even if you have commercial vans or vans for you family purposes, these van tyres going to have an extra load of people and weight of cargo and goods, etc. than any other regular tyre. Therefore, you need to keep certain points in mind like while purchasing always look for a labelledtyre with XL on its sidewalls; this will make sure that the tyre is capable of handling heavier loads than the other regular tyres. Secondly, look for the things that you want the most like the extra grip, shorter braking distances, fuel efficiency, excellent traction and control and so on. Just like the standard car tyre need care; in the same way, your van tyres also need a lot of attention and checkups like proper alignment, pressure checks, balancing, etc. In the case of Van tyres, this becomes highly vital as you will be carrying greater loads with these set of tyres.

Farnsfield Auto care stocks the largest variety of Van tyres in the whole United Kingdom at lower prices for all your major and minor vans. All these van tyres are from the leading brand names like

  • Michelin
  • Hankook
  • Yokohama
  • Pirelli
  • Continental
  • Good year etc.

These tyres are crafted specially by keeping the vans as well as the van drivers in mind and hence delivers enhanced reliability and performance levels

What makes Van tyres different from normal standard tyres is that

  • Van tyres are solely designed to withstand additional strength and are much more durable than the standard ones.
  • Van tyres have strengthened sidewalls to transport the heavier loads even to the longer distances.

Van tyres can be fitted Farnsfield auto care with many longer wheelbase facilities for exceptionally longer vans and vehicles. For a fleet of vans or if in case you need tyres in bulk, we have special discounts available for you guys!

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