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Based in Hanover, Germany- Continental tyre is itself a brand synonym. They are leading and world's 4th largest tyre manufacturer with more than forty plants around the Globe. It is widely seen that 2 out of 5 cars on the UK roads are equipped with Continental tyres. The company focuses on manufacturing tyres that can be readily fit almost every passenger vehicles, light trucks, vans, etc. and that too in several sizes and patterns.

  • Continental tyres are the fastest way to faultless tyres.
  • Innovation and enhanced safety features are the two most important criterions of Continental makes.
  • These tyres are known for their high enactment on the roads.
  • These Continental Contacts are superior in handling highway, ice and snow. They are rated the best for wet weather as well as dry weather and are decidedly recommended tyres for people apprehensive about driving on bad roads and harsh terrains.
  • Ride Quality is just marvelous and feels like there is an extra layer of cushion with a soundless environment.

The active participation of the brand in various events has made Continental a very prolific corporation and has hence attracted more number of drivers towards their reliable tyres. Founded in 1871 and with years of experience the company is working hard to maintain its presence as the topmost tyre brands in the world.

Farnsfield Auto care is the leading supplier of Continental tyres Newark. All the tyres available at our outlet are made using cutting edge technologies and are hence very environmental friendly. By installing these tyres your car will surely look as sexy as hell! These tyres gave the perfect outlook to the vehicles. Not only the outlook, the tyres are widely in demand due to their innovative designs, excellent road safety features, perfect traction and control, sharp steering, responsiveness etc. Tyres such as ContiSilent are manufacturers using bespoke technology and have macro block tread patterns which no other brand has employed in the ways of manufacturing. These things make Continental tyres different from the others.

We are proud to stock such prestigious brand in various sizes that came fitted original equipment on your cars. We assure you we have the best prices for you!

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