Timing belt

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Time has an effect on everything sooner or later. You might be able to slow down the adverse effects but you can’t avoid it completely. Cars are not free from the effects of time either. It is an assembly of several small parts that work together. Anything that goes wrong in one of these parts has its effects on others as well. However, you can avoid any such degradation in the condition and performance of your car easily. All it takes is regular checks and timely maintenance to ensure that your car delivers quality performance always. Our professionals, at Farnsfield Auto Centre, can help you in doing so and ensure that the different parts do not wear down before their expected life.

Timing Belt

Your car relies on its engine to provide it with the power to move and carry out other functions of the car. And the engine relies on its timing belt. The timing belt, also known as a cambelt, is responsible for timing the internal combustions of the engine and control the working of the crankshaft and the camshaft. It has been assigned to make sure that the pistons do not collide with the valves and the engine works smoothly. A messed up timing belt is similar to a thorn in your foot. You’ll be able to walk but the pain can always be felt. Let our experts take care of this thorn in the engine, and provide you with the actual performance abilities of your car.

Adverse Effects

A damaged timing belt is like the pied piper. It’s just that this time he’s not taking mice, but the performance abilities of your car along with him. Such a timing belt can cause problems while starting the car. You might be able to hear some unnecessary noise, which is at its highest decibel when you’re starting your car. Visit us, at Farnsfield Auto Centre, at the earliest after you notice some sound issue in your car and we can help you solve this issue right away. We can help you by correcting the timing belt and prevent other parts from being damaged.

Farnsfield Auto Centre- The Experts You Need

Our skilful technicians can help you deal with this issue much more efficiently than anyone else in Newark. They have been extensively trained to ensure that our customers receive only the best services at our garage. They have been trained to use the latest technology and deliver quality services. We have installed best-in-class pieces of equipment at our garage to ensure more efficient and quicker services.

We prioritise our customers above anything else and work to achieve their satisfaction. Let our experts take care of your car and we guarantee that you won’t be troubled in the foreseeable future.