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Somercotes, the ancient market town in Derbyshire, has seen a remarkable surge of urbanisation starting the late 1990s. Once a small mining village, Somercotes is now considered as one of the top destinations for real-estate ventures. It might not seem to strange in this light that the average man in Somercotes has witnessed a change in fortunes.

In turn, it has led to a renewed lease of life. Besides, the population is increasing every year as Census records show. That is why our facility- Farnsfield Auto Centre- has become a trending car service garage in the town.

We are the most renowned retailers of tyres in Somercotes. We sell summer, winter and all-season wheels for all makes and models of passenger cars.

Besides, we are also known for MOT check in Somercotes. We are licensed to carry out the test and also provide pre-MOT inspections at low prices.

Tyres we sell

Farnsfield Auto Centre in Derbyshire is probably one of the very few garages which has such a wide variety of tyres. Brands we sell include:

  • Pirelli
  • Goodyear
  • Hankook
  • Bridgestone
  • Avon

Our inventory is capable of providing you with tyres from all major British giants like Dunlop too. While Avon is undoubtedly one of the foremost English brands, Dunlop has excellent recall value. We store summer, winter, all-weather, run-flat and UHP tyres from these brands and many more.

If you are confused about which set of wheels is right for your vehicle, leave your problems to us. At Farnsfield Auto Centre, we have an extensively trained and professionally capable group of technicians who will guide you on how to choose the best tyres.

When it is tyres in Somercotes that you are looking for, trust us only.

MOT in Somercotes

Under the law, your vehicle has to pass an MOT to play the United Kingdom’s roads legally. We have seen that most MOT failures are due to negligence rather than any major fault with a car. Pre-emptive check-ups are mandatory at periodic intervals.

That is why we have devised our MOT check in Somercotes, designed to keep any failures at bay. We cover a lot of ground in this check-up test, to put it mildly. However, we will showcase 3 areas we have to work most commonly on.

  • Lights: You will receive an MOT fail even if the smallest light on your car is damaged or broken. Thus, we check for any sign of such issues inside and on the outside. Besides bigger lamps like the headlights, smaller lamps are also inspected. We replace all fused instances.
  • Tyres: Approximately 70-80% of all MOT fails are due to poor maintenance of wheels. We weed out any issues at the beginning to keep problems at bay.
  • Fluid levels: Car engine fluid, coolant, AC refrigerant and power steering fluids need replenishments at times. Our pre-MOT in Somercotes package ensures that too.

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If you want to buy new tyres in Somercotes, book an appointment for any working day with us either online or over the phone. That will help you jump the queue at Farnsfield Auto Centre.