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An MOT in Shirebrook is mandatory for all cars more than 3 years old. We, Farnsfield Auto Centre, are an authorised garage conducting this test.

We also maintain an extensive stock of car tyres in Shirebrook from some of the top manufacturers. You are sure to find the tyre you are looking for from our shelves.

Top tyres straight from the factory

We not only stock tyres but maintain an unmatchable collection of factory-fresh units. Here are some of the most popular models in our garage –

1. Continental AllSeasonContact

Suitable for both summer and winters, the AllSeasonContact comes with Traction Silica Compound and Performance Resins for exceptional performance over wet and snowy winter roads. While minimum sipes and a stiff pattern deliver better braking and control over dry surfaces, its open shoulders reduce the chances of aquaplaning.

2. Bridgestone Potenza S001

Among the most popular car tyres Shirebrook, the Potenza S001 has 4 longitudinal and high-angle lug grooves that evacuate water rapidly and minimise aquaplaning. A straight and off-centre rib delivers more steering precision and control.

3. Dunlop Sport Maxx Race 2

The Sport Maxx Race 2 from Dunlop has an aramid fibres-containing hybrid overlay that increases contact over summer roads. Its special race-derived compound delivers more friction between tyre and road as it heats more rapidly.

4. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

Michelin’s Pilot Sport 4S improves your vehicle’s steering responses owing to its Dynamic Response Technology that contains a hybrid belt of nylon and aramid. It also uses Bi-Compound Technology on the inner and outer sides for better wet and dry performance respectively.

Let us at Farnsfield Auto Centre help you purchase the most suitable set of tyres in Shirebrook for your vehicle.

Your MOT in Shirebrook made easy

If your car tyres are worn or damaged, you will need a new set to pass an MOT test. Our certified testers will not only check the condition of the tyres but other components as well which fall under the MOT mandates.

Components we check in an MOT test:

Exhaust system and fuel emissions

Our testers will check to see whether your car’s exhaust system has leaks. They will also assess the fuel emissions and ensure it is within the standard limits.

1. Suspension and steering

Your car’s suspension system must not have any faulty struts, shocks, springs, or other components. The steering wheel should also function correctly, have a proper locking mechanism, and include power steering fluid.

2. Windscreen

The area of the windscreen directly in front of you or the driver’s line of view must not have any damage larger than 10mm. Other areas must not have an obstacle larger than 40mm.

3. Brakes

The braking system in your vehicle must function optimally across all situations. We will check the brake fluid levels first and then move onto the components to check them comprehensively as well.

4. Lights

Our testers will check not only your car’s headlights and rear lights but also the malfunctioning lights. If you have run-flat tyres, then the corresponding light must also illuminate.

MOT check in Shirebrook from Farnsfield Auto Centre

We provide a pre-MOT check that can ensure you pass the test. If you didn’t, we also have a post-MOT check for all repairs and replacements your vehicle may require.