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puncture repair

Tyre puncture is a common issue that drivers face. To be honest, a punctured tyre can be frustrating when you are on your way to some important work. Your tyre can get a mild or a severe puncture depending depending upon the situation. There can be several reasons for the puncture too, which can manifest in various ways.

At Farnsfield Auto Centre, we specialise at repairing punctures. We are backed by a team of dedicated professionals who can offer the most prompt puncture repair. With us, your tyres are in safe hands. Our puncture repair service is quick and cost-effective. We understand how important your tyres are for your vehicle. Therefore, we offer affordable puncture repair for cars of every make and model.

Repairing A Puncture On Your Vehicle

As soon as you bring your vehicle for a puncture repair, our experts will check for damages such as deformed bead wires, tread or rubber separations, deterioration due to grease or corrosive fluid, interior rubber markings and signs of excessive wear. These checks are done to ensure that a safe puncture repair can be carried out by our technicians. While the checks are carried out and repair work is done, our team will keep you informed about the safety concerns and reasoning behind our suggested repairs. Only upon receiving your consent will the mechanics proceed to work on your vehicle.

It must be noted that mechanics only proceed to carry out the puncture repair when it is possible. In case a tyre is deemed to be unsafe for repair, or if there is any doubt, then a tyre replacement is recommended. Tyre punctures can be caused by nails, screws/bolts, broken glass, sharp rocks and road debris of any kind. Moreover, there are certain signs which indicate a puncture, these are wheel shuddering or feeling wobbly while driving, feeling difficult to steer, or when the car steers to the left or the right on its own. Besides, in case of a severe puncture or a blowout, the car will suddenly swerve to the left or the right.

As a responsible driver, you must always be prepared for a situation like a tyre puncture. Either you must have a spare tyre so you can change the punctured one, or have the contact details of your nearest garage. If you are looking for the best puncture repair experts in your area, get in touch with us today. In case a puncture repair is not possible, we will provide you with replacement tyres at a competitive price. We stock the world’s leading brands of tyres from Michelin, Yokohama, Dunlop, Bridgestone and more.

We are reachable on the phone, via email or you can visit our garage during business hours. Our technicians will be pleased to offer you quick tyre repair and consultation, to get you back on the road.