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If your MOT certificate is about to expire, head over to Farnsfield Auto Centre in Pinxton to take the test. We are one of the most prominent and authorised car garages providing MOT test in Pinxton. Our experienced technicians can assess all your car components and deliver a certificate with ease and guaranteed satisfaction.

If you are looking for new car tyres, then we have also got the same for you. Our warehouse stocks summer, winter, and all-season tyres from some of the best manufacturers.

Tyres from only top brands

Few of the tyres we recommend:

1. Continental SportContact 6

Features –

  • Aralon350 technology to help your car reach speeds of up to 215mph.
  • Black Chili technology guarantees a shorter braking distance and better handling over dry and wet roads.
  • Advanced macro block design keeps you in control of your car in Pinxton summer road conditions.

2. Bridgestone DriveGuard Summer

Features –

  • One of the ideal run-flat car tyres in Pinxton coming with reinforced sidewalls for continual driving even after a flat.
  • Optimised contact pressure distribution due to connected shoulder blocks, exceptional when cornering.
  • Nano Pro-tech compound reduces braking distance.

3. Dunlop Sport Maxx RT 2

Features –

  • Noise Shield Technology that reduces interior noise by up to 50%.
  • Asymmetric tread design decreases aquaplaning and improves control in wet Pinxton roads.
  • Dual-silica compound that improves braking performance in wet weather conditions.
  • Less circumferential deformations at high speeds due to Hybrid Overlay Technology.

4. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

Features –

  • Bi-Compound Technology featuring functional elastomers on the inner side for more traction and braking performance. The novel hybrid elastomer on the outer side accounts for better handling on dry roads.
  • Dynamic Response technology with a hybrid belt of nylon and aramid for precise steering response.
  • Ultra-reactive tread pattern design that continuously adjusts to changing road conditions.

Not only the above, but you can also avail several other tyres in Pinxton from Farnsfield Auto Centre.

MOT in Pinxton

You will need to have tyres that don’t have cuts larger than 25mm to pass an MOT test. Also, their tread depth must be with a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm.

We have a large team of certified testers for conducting MOT check in Pinxton. They will check not only your car tyres but also several other components.

For example:

  • Suspension – Your car’s suspension system must have properly working shock absorbers, springs, and struts.
  • Fuel emissions – Testers will check the fuel emissions of your vehicle and make sure it is within limits.
  • Exhaust system – Your car must have the original catalytic converter. There must also not be any leaks in the exhaust system.

Other components that we will check include windshield, brakes, lights, body, seats, seatbelts, and others.

Pre-MOT check at Farnsfield Auto Centre in Pinxton

To ensure your vehicle passes an MOT test, bring it for a pre-MOT check at our garage. We also have post-MOT services if your car fails the test.