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Are you looking for the Retesting and MOT Newark services for your vehicle?


What is MOT?

Ministry of Transport test MOT is an annual assessment of a car’s roadworthiness. It is a legal test as per the government of the United Kingdom which is mandatory to pass to make the vehicles legal on the kingdom roads. As per the law, it is mandatory that every vehicle should possess an MOT certificate to keep yourself and your vehicles safe and trustworthy. Usually, MOT Newark takes 45-60 minutes to get it done. When your car is three or more than three years old, it gets vital for you to get the MOT done first to make the vehicle legal on roads. This Certificate will be valid for 12 months, and you will need to get MOT done once every 12 months. Farnsfield Auto care, The MOT test Newark is carried out by our professional mechanics that ensure that you meet each safety as well as the environmental aspect of the vehicle.

Why Farnsfield Auto care for MOT Newark?

We have highly trained professionals that will carry out this process to make sure that you don’t have any major, minor default in the vehicles. Technicians will give you an honest overview of your car or any other vehicle regarding the faults and repairs.

  • We are authorised MOT testing station in Newark with hourly appointments available at times to suit you.
  • It is seen that most of the MOT Newark failures are caused due to minor faults like lightning issue, horns issue, etc. So we make every single check up to make ensure that your vehicle is safe for the driver and all passengers.
  • The strength and disorder of the steering wheel, brakes, etc. will be checked and inspected.
  • •    Vehicles with power steering must have the power steering fluid inside it for its proper functioning.

  • The tyre must be a suitable speed with less wear and tear. Seat belts will be checked for its security and condition.
  • General inspection of engine, seats and doors will be made. It will be monitored that there should be no corrosion in any part of the car to avoid any damage or breakdown.
  • There should be proper registration plate fitted at the front and rear. The characters on the plate will be made clear if they are not so that they are easy to read from a distance.
  • Rear view mirrors and wing mirrors will be held securely so that the driver can see properly.
  • •    We offer excellent client flexibility, with free collection and delivery facility of your vehicle.

  • We have the expertise to carry out the MOT. They will always guide you honestly regarding the reason behind the MOT failure.
  • Last but not least, we offer massive savings compared to main dealer prices and your car's warranty is never affected.

Honest and Genuine pictures of your car and other vehicle will be presented in front of you to ensure the safety and maintenance of each part of your car. Get you MOT Newark done today from us and experience the professional services.

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