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Mansfield, one of the most prominent market towns in Nottinghamshire, is a booming metropolis which is still trying to shed its past image of a sleepy town. Most tourists who visit Mansfield do so to evoke that dormant nostalgia which the old quarters provoke.

Since the economy of Mansfield took off, the market for ultramodern cars has also grown proportionately. That is why our facility- Farnsfield Auto Centre in Mansfield- has become so popular in the area in a very short period. We also provide MOT testing and repair services.

If you are looking for new tyres Mansfield, we are the one facility you just cannot overlook. Our technicians can also assist you in choosing the correct set of wheels for your car.

Our range of tyres in Mansfield

Our facility has a major advantage over competitors: it is in our wide variety of tyres. We store:

  1. Summer tyres
  2. Winter tyres, and
  3. All-season tyres

Besides, we also sell UHP and SUV wheels for our customers. Given that Mansfield’s population growth had stagnated in the early 1980s and then resurged, the demand graph had witnessed some ups and downs. But the current market demands mean that we also need to store the most premium models from companies like:

  • Pirelli
  • Dunlop
  • Bridgestone
  • Goodyear

Of these significant brands, Continental and Michelin’s brands sell in high volumes, while others are not too far behind. Farnsfield Auto Centre also sells various types of other tyres in Mansfield.

Also, we are the first-choice MOT service garage in Mansfield.

MOT in Mansfield

Approximately 25% of all cars that take an MOT in the UK fail. These failures are often preventable. We strive to do so via a simple MOT in Mansfield.

Our MOT services

Pre-MOT checks help remove most of the issues that cause failures. Our technicians are capable of uprooting even the minutest of issues. They might include:

  1. Lights: Around 80% of all failures are due to fused lights, studies show. That is why we carry out a detailed inspection of all lights in your vehicle. Starting from the headlights, we move on to the smaller ones like lane departure and turn indicator lights. These smaller fixtures often cause much ado during an MOT test.
  2. Tyres: Our technicians then check your car’s tyres. We ensure they match up to existing quality standards and are free from any external damage. Also, we carry out tread depth tests and check whether they are at least 2mm, above the 1.6mm legal mandate.
  3. Car body: Our MOT checklist covers a lot of ground, and we also focus on the bodywork. In case there are any dents or damage, we repair them. You now have a brief overview of our MOT in Mansfield services.

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In case you have faced difficulty in passing an MOT, try the services of Farnsfield Auto Centre. You can also book a slot on any working day both online and offline over the phone. Our prices are very competitive.