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The injector of your car is similar to your food pipe. The fuel passes through it and gets sprayed into the engine for the combustion process. It is then able to mix with air in the combustion chamber and produce power for your car to move. Injectors are not something that would wear off and could last for the entire life of a car. Whereas, they can get clogged with dirt and need to be cleaned to work efficiently. Our experts, at Farnsfield Auto Centre, can deep clean your car’s fuel-injector and make sure that you achieve the performance your car is capable of.

Different Types of Injectors

In a traditional fuel-injector setup, the fuel is sprayed by the injector into the combustion chamber. In the more recent years, manufacturers have switched to direct injection of fuel into the cylinder. This has helped them increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, while they also get higher power output from smaller engines.

Reasons for Failure

As mentioned before, fuel injectors can last for the lifetime of a car. However, other mechanical issues harm it. It is generally clogged due to contaminants such as carbon, dirt, or low-quality fuel. While it can be cleaned at times, replacement is required often as well. The injector can leak, over time, due to ageing of the rubber seals or from the cracks in the injector itself. While the rubber seals can be replaced, the only solution for a cracked injector is replacing it. Electrical components of the injector can also be damaged due to age, moisture damage, and heat.

Our professionals, at Farnsfield Auto Centre, are some of the best technicians in Newark for this job. They are well versed with the tips and tricks required to handle such a complex part.

Indications of a Damaged Injector

A damaged or clogged injector would cause the engine to misfire and not start properly. This is because one or more cylinders are not receiving the amount of fuel required. You might feel a lack of power in your car as well. The engine light on the dashboard would also light up if a fault in the injector was detected. If you smell fuel while the vehicle is running, there is possibly a leak in the injector. However, these complications aren’t troublesome for our experts, at Farnsfield Auto Centre.

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