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Farnsfield Auto Centre is the first-choice MOT checking garage in Hucknall employing some of the most experienced testers for the job along with DVSA certification.

We also bring you an extensive collection of car tyres Hucknall from some of the world-renowned brands. Opt for new tyres at affordable prices. Let our technicians help you make the most suitable choice for your vehicle.

The best new set of tyres for you

Some of the most widely availed tyres that we stock include:

1. Bridgestone Turanza T005

Summer tyre Turanza T005 from Bridgestone reduces not only fuel consumption but also carbon dioxide outputs. 4 wide longitudinal grooves and high-density slots in its shoulder drain water on Hucknall roads more effectively to decrease aquaplaning.

2. Continental SportContact 6

The SportContact 6 is one of the best summer tyres from Continental owing to its Aralon350 technology imparting it with top speeds of up to 215mph. Head over to Farnsfield Auto Centre in Hucknall if you seek a tyre for your high-performance vehicle.

3. Pirelli Scorpion Winter

The Scorpion Winter from Pirelli is a winter tyre that comes with symmetric and directional tread pattern designs with a modular sipe layout that reduces braking distance and increases grip over snowy roads.

4. Michelin Alpin 6

The Alpin 6 comes with the Michelin EverGrip technology that enables it to deliver the same performance even in worn-out condition. It also sports the latest generation multi-layer tread compound for exceptional performance over winter roads.

Other than the above, we also stock numerous other cheap car tyres Hucknall.Make sure to replace tyres when the tread depth goes below 1.6mm to pass an MOT test.

MOT test and tyres

Maintaining the right tread depth is crucial for passing an MOT test. Your car tyres must also not have tears, tread separation, cord exposures, bulges, and cuts longer than 25mm.

We are a certified garage conducting MOT Hucknall. Other than tyres, some other components that our technicians check:

1. Lights

Technicians will check the condition of your car’s headlights, tail lights, reflectors, and malfunction lights. The external lights must emit the right colour, be correctly positioned, and not obstructed.

2. Exhausts system

Your car’s exhaust system must not have a leak, and the fuel emissions must also be within the limit.

3. Windshield

The windshield must not have an obstruction larger than 10mm in your point of view. There must also not be any damage larger than 40mm in other areas.

Our technicians will also check components like registration plates, car body, seats, seatbelts, brakes, battery, electrical equipment, and others.

It is recommended that you visit Farnsfield Auto Centre for an MOT in Hucknall before you appear for the test. A pre-MOT check ensures that you pass the test.