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Are you looking for the Engine Cleaning service for your vehicle?

What is EDT?

It refers to Engine Decontamination Treatment

How Does it Work?

EDT is Your Engine Detox in which bio-grade oil is used and heated and then pressurised. This oil is then sent to the engine to remove the harmful and unwanted deposits on the engine. The final cycle recovers the dirt and Sludge are trapped in special micron filters.

Till its invention, we had no solution to remove this build up from the engines. But now this is the only best option for detoxicating your vehicle’s engine. Farnsfield Auto care takes pride in introducing this new but advanced method for cleaning the engines. You can call it by many names like Engine clean, engine flush, engine detox, etc. We are one of the first garages of the town to deliver this service to the clients. This innovative procedure is surely going to give your car or van an engine detox. A bespoke custom made machine from EDT will decontaminate both petrol and diesel engines. To make it simpler to understand, it’s just like removing the cholesterol from the heart of your car.

Let’s have a look at its Key Features & Benefits!

  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Reduced emissions
  • The environmentally friendly cleaning solution
  • Reduced internal engine friction
  • Improved oil circulation Improved drivability
  • Enhanced performance and engine life
  • Removes mud, debris and wax from your engine
  • Delivers increased and more responsive power
  • Prevents premature engine wear
  • Ends up you with a smoother, quieter engine.
  • Visibly cleaner oil after use
  • Engines friction is reduced allowing more continuous running in a smooth way.

This treatment helps to clean out all the sludge and gunge inside the engine that is caused by the carbon building up and degeneration of the motor oil. This will make your engine quieter, and will help in saving the planet! We have a massive database of the customers that have benefited from the EDT engine clean. Once you use it, you will feel the difference. But the question arises when I should have an Engine Clean?

There are few alarming signs!

  • When you have bought a used car and are unsure of its service history
  • When you want to stop your car from deteriorating
  • When your engine is too noisy
  • When you are having a turbo replaced
  • When you have put the wrong fuel in your vehicle
  • When your vehicle fails the MOT due to high emissions etc.

Once you get your vehicle’s EDT done, your car will feel as good as new. This treatment has been tested and developed in different countries, and as per customer’s testimonials, there is nothing else like this exists. For the best fuel saving results get the EDT session Booked today. Best of all this treatment is available for all makes and models, petrol and diesel engines. For further queries, please contact our experts and gives us a chance to give your car a new lease of life and you’ll feel the difference.

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