ECU Remapping

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What is ECU?

Most modern vehicles today contain an Engine Control Unit (ECU) which continually monitors the performance of the car. If there is any low fluid level or increased engine temperature, the ECU generates an error code. There are numerous error codes for different errors, and these errors could be read only by the specialist vehicle diagnostic equipment. Due to the advancement in technology, modern cars are progressively becoming a ‘computer on wheels’, and therefore require advanced diagnostic technology. We use state of the art car diagnostic equipment which can identify the engine fault codes in your ECU’s memory. ECU is a way of scanning all the various components, and at the end, scanning ends up with error codes and issues. The machine will scan various segments including brakes, engine, alarms, etc. Where the computer reads the live data; it will also reprogram the component by correcting the faults or issues being arisen.

When to get it done?

A sudden warning light illuminating on the dashboard of the vehicle could be an alarming sign to get the Engine diagnostics done before it causes some more severe damage. A diagnostics check is required to understand the full extent and cause of the problem. It is the best way to figure out the problem in the Engine and to reset the warning light. This early sign and identification will help to save the later costs

Why Farnsfield Auto care for ECU?

  • Farnsfield Auto care is your final terminus when you want your car’s engine diagnostics. Our team makes sure that your vehicle’s engine always receives a superior level of auto service.
  • We promise exceptional diagnosis services from the moment you will enter our flaps.
  • We are into an era of expansion and perfection of our services since we opened our doors. We also realise that without it, it’s an annoyance and hassle.
  • We try to save your time and money by getting your ECU done at a reasonable cost!
  • We believe that reliability and driveability is as important as power and torque
  • Our maps have built a reputation for being some of the best in the tuning world.
  • We use the most advanced and sophisticated tuning
  • Our experts have years of experience and can tune the vast majority of cars.
  • We offer the best tuning solutions coupled with the highest of the customer.
  • We can enhance your vehicles execution and efficiency.

And when it comes to ECU remapping, we have Superchips ECU remaps that will optimise the performance of your car. Not only this, it will help you to maximise your driving pleasure and will completely change your driving experience. Usually, restrictions are put up on the driving limits or to the driving performances. But we at Farnsfield Auto Centre Newark, our ECU remapping software will make you free from such limits. ECU is responsible for the optimal engine performance and

controls the internal combustion engine. We monitor and interpret the internal sensors using multidimensional performance maps and can hence adjust these mappings to make your vehicle more fuel or diesel efficient. Our ECU Remaps are at the vanguard of the industry regarding power and steadfastness. It will respond more quickly and more precisely to your demands. You could be saving fuel too. You can attest to a more exciting and fulfilling drive. In case you want to reduce the fuel consumption levels of your vehicle, then our expertise will set the tuning level in such a way that the MPG will be increased and CO2 emissions will be reduced. But if you are focusing on increment in the power of your car then the BHP and Torque will be grown in a controlled manner. Therefore, you tell you requirements, and we will tune it as per your desire. The software and equipment we use are the results of our extensive research and development. Just call us, and we will free your engine from those restrictive limits, giving you a more pleasant and more exciting drive. Once your first vehicle has been re-mapped, you'll come back for more.

Therefore, with the right tuning software, we can provide better acceleration and improved torque. We are flexible and can tailor the level of tune to suit your driving style and the conditions in which you usually drive. We are waiting for your call. Our engine repair engineers are sure to have the responses and the explanations you need.