DPF Regeneration

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For people owning a diesel car, diesel particulate filter is a part that they should never forget about. DPF is present in the exhaust system of your car. Its job is to clean the exhaust properly. It is responsible for removing soot from the gases that are produced due to internal combustions inside the engine. A damaged DPF would not be able to do that. As a result, performance is drastically affected. Let our experts, at Farnsfield Auto Centre, take care of this issue. We’ll make sure that your car is back to its glory days.

Never Remove Your DPF

DPF was introduced to diesel cars to meet the updated emission regulations. It is similar to a catalytic converter of a petrol car. You might be suggested by some great “thinkers” of this era that DPFs aren’t necessary and can be removed to avoid expensive repairs. But this is untrue. While you endanger the environment by removing the DPF, you’re also preparing your car for a major failure in the annual MOT test.

Removed DPFs are a sure failure, while repairs are allowed if a valid reason is presented. Even then, you’d have to carry genuine evidence that makes the repair reasonable. Our experts, at Farnsfield Auto Centre, have been widely known for their expertise in cleaning DPFs efficiently. They’ll ensure that no reason for an expensive repair is left unchecked, and that your car performs better than ever.

Cleaning Method

Electronics in your car are responsible for cleaning the soot that collects in the filter. This is known as the regeneration process. Whereas, things don’t go as planned always. This is where our experts come in.

Two methods can be used to clean the DPF effectively.

  • The DPF is heated to 600 degree Celsius to burn the soot that has been accumulated.
  • A DPF cleaning fluid is used to flush out all the residue that has collected in the system, over time.

Replacing a DPF is a time consuming and expensive process.

Why Farnsfield Auto Centre

We take pride in, both, our men and machines. We have some of the best technicians in Newark, who have been rigorously trained to be efficient at their job. The seed of practice is now blooming as expertise. They are now proficient and deliver best-in-class services to our customers. They make sure to gain the trust of our customers by providing them with, both, quality services and excellent products.

We also have some of the latest pieces of technology at our garage to assist our experts in delivering more accurate and efficient results. With this perfect blend of experts and excellent machines, we guarantee to enhance your car’s performance.