Diesel Pump Reconditioning

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Improved technology has virtually eliminated the noise and smoke associated with diesel engines. Complying with strict emission-standard, the diesel engines of today are just as clean and environment-friendly as any gas-powered engine. But a malfunctioning diesel pump is bad news for car owners. It will clog while working to create power and can be challenging to handle.

At Farnesfield Auto Centre, we can help you with this. We are a trusted garage when it comes to diesel pump reconditioning. We use only standard products to provide prompt, professional and pocket-friendly services to all our customers.

Full Test & Repair Solutions

Farnesfield Auto Centre believes in helping our customers save time and money. We offer reliable equipment testing by the most experienced technicians. Full test reports are provided, and our technicians provide the most honest advice on the test results. We ensure that all vehicles are reconditioned using OE parts and tested to OE specifications.

For more information on our automotive diesel pump reconditioning services, please give us a call or visit our garage. Our technicians will be happy to help!

Best Of The Facilities & Mechanics

Our full-service facility is designed to meet the demands of the world’s leading diesel reconditioning system. Our quality control system ensures the traceability of service delivery.

Our certified mechanics are continuously trained and monitored to manage all interim and full-services essential for your vehicle. Our expertise is the result of years of our experience and investment on quality machinery. Our service range cover commercial vehicles, passenger cars, heavy-duty and marine applications including plant machinery. Our trained mechanics use the latest test equipment, using the most recent OE test data, procedures and processes.

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We are one of the highly preferred car service garages in Nottinghamshire. At our facility, you find new pumps as we stock products from all major manufacturers around the world. Our products are available at affordable prices with a full warranty along with their peripherals.

For a best quote on the diesel pump reconditioning service, bring your vehicle to us. You can book an appointment with us online or give us a call. Our experts will always be willing to offer the most trusted services and consultation in your budget.