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How do you ensure maximum vehicle performance and efficiency? By investing in regular maintenance and diagnosis because when you take care of your car by keeping it up with all the suggested maintenance, your car will repay you with reliable engine performance, longevity and fuel efficiency. Farnsfield Auto care subscribes to a professional auto repair system, and the work is done by the best professional experts in the auto industry. Get your car diagnostics services done today in Newark and help us to provide you with an accurate diagnosis of your vehicle's problem and a repair that is done the first time correctly.

Never scrimp when it comes to the maintenance of your car vehicle. Your vehicle always deserves a superior level of auto service. We are into an era of expansion and perfection of our services since we opened our doors. We also realise that without it, it’s an annoyance and hassle. We try to save your time and money by getting your repairs at a reasonable cost! As the vehicles are bit complex today, it often takes a highly experienced technician with excellent level tools to get to the cause of the problem. Our auto diagnostic testing service takes guess to work out repairing your vehicle and comes with our nationwide warranty.


It is vital to perform diagnostic service when you are experiencing the following things-

  • Drivability issues
  • Reduced fuel economy
  • When Engine light comes on
  • Unusual voice or vibration coming out from the vehicle.
  • After some primary or minor accident.
  • And when it comes to diagnosis, our services include-

  • Oil change as Oil is the lifeblood of your car and integral to engine performance.
  • Replace the air filter as needed.
  • Replacement of the spark plugs as per the vehicle manufacturer instructions.
  • Maintenance of air pressure in your tyres to maintain fuel economy and vehicle security.
  • Maintenance of proper vehicle alignment which will lead to riding stability and will also affect your fuel economy.
  • Get regular brake checks and courtesy inspections.
  • Fuel pressure, spark, compression, individual component tests will also be carried out.

Our team makes sure that your vehicle’s engine always receives a superior level of auto service. We promise exceptional diagnosis services from the moment you will enter our flaps. We offer A to Z complete engine diagnostics in Newark of your vehicles. We will thoroughly test and accurately determine the real cause of the diagnosis using the professional test equipment we have invested in. Once we have a better perception of what is triggering trouble to the vehicle, the appropriate service will be performed.

So, Stop speculating and start imposing!

Know what is going on with your vehicle and make an educated decision by visiting Farnsfield Auto care today.