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Clutch Replacement

Clutch is a part of your car that is responsible for assistance when the gears are changed. It ensures that the gear change is smooth and no damage is inflicted on the gears due to any abrupt change. To do so, when applied, it disconnects the engine and the transmission system of your car and allows you to change gears. No geared vehicle can be used if the clutch is absent or not working properly. Such a complex part requires the hands of an expert to deal with it. Our experts, at Farnsfield Auto Centre, are proficient at this job and guarantee to make your gear change smooth as ever.

How does it Work

The clutch is a part between the engine and the transmission system. It is an assembly of a clutch disk and a pressure plate. When applied, the clutch disconnects the engine and the transmission gears and makes them free. This is when you are required to change into the desired gear and leave the clutch to connect the two systems again. At the time of disconnection, the tyres are free from engine-braking, which results in slower deceleration.

We, at Farnsfield Auto Centre, are some of the best technicians in Newark for this job and guarantee to get you back to cruising in no time.

Why Should you not Ignore Clutch Maintenance

A damaged clutch, if not repaired in time, can damage several other parts of your car. While you won’t be able to drive properly, you will also be damaging the integral parts of the engine and the transmission system. Not only is it going to be difficult for the technicians to repair but also be a burden on your wallet.

Indications of a Damaged Clutch

First and foremost, check the dashboard for any alerts by the diagnostic system for your car. A damaged clutch is detectable by the diagnostic system and the warning should never be ignored. The system has been installed for your safety and any ignorance towards it is you putting yourself in danger.

Bring your car to us for inspection if it doesn’t accelerate properly even when the engine is roaring. Also, get your clutch checked if you hear unnecessary sounds from it. Do so at the earliest to prevent any extensive damage. A harder clutch is also an indication of a damaged clutch and should be checked for as well.

Regular checks and timely maintenance of such essential parts can help you increase your car’s life. It can help you not only save your car from damage, but also save the money that would have gone into repairing that damage.

Farnsfield Auto Centre- The Most Efficient in Newark

Our professionals, at Farnsfield Auto Centre, have been tremendously trained to ensure that they are proficient and can deliver quality services. We provide them with any necessary training that might help them increase and improve their skill-set.

We also make sure to provide them with all the necessary tools and pieces of equipment required to deliver efficiently. We want to make sure that work quality is never compromised due to the absence of necessary tools or products.

We prioritise our customers above anything else, and your satisfaction is what we want to achieve.