Caravan Tyres

Planning every necessary detail regarding your holiday, weekend or picnic but left with a lot of time wasted on the roadside due to sudden and unexpected caravan tyre failure!! Nothing could be worse than this. Getting your Caravan ready with the best and safe pairs is highly recommended to have a happy journey. Getting your caravan tyres replaced is not at all a terrible thing with- Farnsfield auto care, where you will find you a vast assortment of Caravan tyres in Newark at competitive prices. We have the best expertise to help you out.

Checking your Caravan Tyres

Every tyre comes with a lifespan, hence whether in use or not Caravan tyres get deteriorate with time and should be replaced. You can quickly check your Caravan tyres whether they need to be replaced or not just by looking at their sidewalls. Sidewalls usually have four numbers printed on them. For example: if it’s written 1416, it means 14 denotes the week of manufacturing and 16 means the year i.e. 2016. This means the tyre needs was manufactured in the 14th week of 2016. We recommend changing the tyres if they are five years older.

Tyron safety bands

Tyron safety belts are yet highly effective against the puncture tyres or blown out a pair of Caravan tyres. With the short run capability, these bands help the punctured tyre to come off the wheel. Not all the dealers or the drivers are aware of these Tyron bands.

We have technicians who have core knowledge of all the aspects of Caravan tyres to keep you safe on your picnics. We let you avoid the hassle of towing your vehicle to us as we offer mobile tyre fitting services too in certain areas. We will reach your doorstep to serve you with the fitment process. Get the best Caravan tyres in Newark from Farnsfield Auto care and experience the best with us.