Volvo Car

Volvo Car Service in Newark – Fransfield Auto Centre

Farnsfield Auto Centre for maintaining your Volvo 

Does your Volvo need maintenance? 

While Volvo promises the best safety to its passengers for years, our team of engineers at the Farnsfield Auto Centre in Newark will ensure that your car is in safe hands. Our team of experts will ensure that your car gets all the care it needs so that it always provides you peak performance.

Our Volvo service program has been customized to suit the requirements of Volvo car owners. The program has been designed keeping in mind the different models of Volvos and their usage period over the years.

Volvo tyres 

We supply all types of tyres to suit the season (summer or winter) or to suit your budget.

Research has proven that good tyres are not just important for the safety of your car, they also optimise the performance of your vehicle and make it more fuel efficient.

After all wear and tear is a part of the life of a tyre. No tyre can escape that. 

Experts at the Farnsfield Auto Centre will also ensure that they recommend the right tyre to suit your vehicle and your driving patterns. There is a specific section in our website that informs you about the wide variety of tyres that we offer and the wide range of global manufacturers who supply us the tyres.

Volvo diagnostics

It is no secret that the best diagnosis is as important as the services offered. Our team at the Farnsfield Auto Centre ensure that your car gets the best diagnostics to ensure that it gives you efficiency and peak performance for a long time. Diagnostics done at the right time will also ensure that you can save costs on servicing the vehicle and ensure that the right care is given to the vehicle and any long term damage to the car is prevented. The complete list of diagnostics offered at Farnsfield Auto Centre is provided on our website.

Finally, to assess your car’s road-worthiness annually, as mandated by the Ministry of Transport (MOT) as well as wheel alignment service you need not look for other options. Farnsfield Auto Centre’s comprehensive list of services includes MOT tests. Our experienced team of professionals take care of both the safety and environmental aspects in every test.

If you need any help with your Volvo car, Farnsfield Auto Centre is the place to go.