Volkswagen Car

Volkswagen Car service centre in Newark- Farnsfield Auto Centre

Farnsfield Auto Centre cares for your Volkswagen 

Are you looking for the right service provider for your Volkswagen? 

Your Volkswagen is associated with precision engineering and our team of engineers at Farnsfield Auto Centre go to great lengths to ensure that your vehicle is in top form. Our experts go the extra mile to ensure that your Volkswagen always remains at the peak of its performance.

Our Volkswagen service programme is custom-built to cater to the needs of the discerning set of Volkswagen owners. The service programme takes into account both the usage of the vehicle and the age of the car.

Time for a Tyre check

The beautiful hood of your Volkswagen is only as good as the wheels that it rests upon. We help you in getting a wheel alignment done for the car and also offer you with the right tyre.

We supply all types of Volkswagen tyres to suit the season (summer or winter) or your need.

Every Volkswagen owner knows that good tyres are not just important for the car to perform to its potential, but also to enhance the ride quality.

Our expert team of mechanics at the Farnsfield Auto Centre ensures that you will always make the right choice for your Volkswagen. A section of our website informs you about the wide choice of tyres that you can choose from for your Volkswagen. We can offer the right set of tyres from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Does your Volkswagen need diagnostic expertise?

Your Volkswagen will find the best set of experts at the Farnsfield Auto Centre who ensure that the vehicle stays in top shape. To ensure that problems do not recur, our set of experts provide the right care to the vehicle so that any long term damage to the car is prevented. The complete list of diagnostics offered at Farnsfield Auto Centre is provided on our website.

Farnsfield Auto Centre also offers a comprehensive set of services to assess your car’s road-worthiness annually, as mandated by the Ministry of Transport (MOT). 

Our experienced team of professionals undertakes MOT testing where both the safety and environmental aspects are taken into account.

If you need any help with your Volkswagen, race to the nearest Farnsfield Auto Centre.