Tata Car

Tata car Service centre in Newark- Farnsfield Auto Centre

Your Tata is best maintained at the Farnsfield Auto Centre 

As a proud Tata owner, you have chosen the brand that is synonymous with trust. 

Should your service station for the car be any less trustworthy?

The team of mechanics at Farnsfield Auto Centre lay a special emphasis on enhancing the customer’s trust. They do not just go to great lengths to give the car a great service, but also ensure that they can give you a million reasons to smile about your car.

You can avail for our customized Tata service program that has been designed keeping the Tata owners and their specific requirements in mind.

Your search for the right set of wheels could stop right here.

Our team of experts will help you beyond selecting the best set of tyres, in case your Tata’s tyres need replacement. We also offer highly specialized services like 3-D wheel alignment, which will enhance the quality of your drive to a great extent. The perfect wheel alignment also ensures that it reduces the wear and tear of your tyres.

Diagnostic services to keep your car in top gear

Our team of experts at the Farnsfield Auto Centre is equipped to spot trouble in your car at the early stages and help in preventing long term damage through accurate diagnosis. The advanced diagnosis helps in proving you with all the information you need to take an educated decision on caring for your vehicle. Our team of experts strongly believes that the reliability of a car is as important as the performance that it provides and our diagnostic services are built to making your car that much more reliable.

If you are looking at roadworthiness tests for your Tata as per the guidelines of the Ministry of Transport (MOT), Farnsfield Auto Centre will help you in making a comprehensive assessment of your vehicle across the safety and environmental parameters. You can even book an appointment for your MOT tests online.

If you are looking for the right level of expertise at reasonable rates, Farnsfield Auto Centre may be the right place to drive into.