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Smart vehicles belong to THE bestselling vehicles in the compact vehicle section.The compact vehicles are especially popular with drivers who are traveling a lot in the city. Whether you are driving an older Smart Forfour or a Smart Fortwo or Roadster, we can offer you the right tyre for every Smart. The tyres of the German tyre manufacturer Continental are recommended for the Smart by the manufacturer. For a safe ride in any weather, for example, the Conti EcoContact 3 ensures that you can access the products of other manufacturers when you are looking for smart tyres. Meanwhile companies like:





also offer a good selection of matching tyres for the Smart models. It is best to use tyres that have been expressly approved by Smart producer Daimler-Benz. You will find the relevant information in your vehicle registration certificate. This ensures that all the values given by Smart as regards to noise development, fuel consumption and driving behavior are actually observed.

Safety with new winter tyres

Important for the Smart is that winter tyres should be fitted at temperatures of less than 7 degrees. At a profile depth less than 4 mm, you should have recourse to new tyres. Also pay attention to the age of the tyres, as the rubber mix quickly hardens during winter, tyres and the adhesion decreases accordingly. With their special blend, Smart Winter tyres offer a good grip even on snow and ice. Since the Smart has only a light weight, this is of particular importance here. However, change back to summer tyres in good time. On one hand, these give the Smart on a dry road a much better grip and on the other hand the fuel consumption is also significantly lower. You can combine your smart tyres with both normal and aluminum rims. Particularly in the Smart Roadster, the alloy rims are an optical highlight. Summer tyres ensure that the light weight smart does not stand out with aquaplaning. With their good water displacement, the high-quality smart tyres offer a very good grip - even on wet roads.

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Please note that the handling characteristics of different profiles and brands may differ.

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