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Henry Ford founded his company in 1903. Only a few years later, the American car manufacturer started to produce the revolutionary T-Modell. Today, Ford is one of the world's largest car manufacturers and is extremely popular among motorists across the globe. Because of the wide range of vehicle models available, the right vehicle can be found for every requirement. The right Ford tyre ensures that you can experience the highest degree of safety and driving pleasure with your Ford vehicle.

There are numerous suppliers of Ford tyres.

When looking for the best tyres, you can rely on a large number of tyre manufacturers. The original equipment of Ford tyres includes the tyres from the American tyre manufacturer Goodyear. This famous company equips these models

Ford Focus

Ford Galaxy

Ford Kuga

Ford Mondeo

with high-quality tyres. In addition to Goodyear, Ford also uses tyres from Bridgestone and Michelin as original equipment.

Keep control at all times

In order to keep control of your Ford at any time and during every season, it is advisable to change from summer tyres to winter tyres at temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius. In some countries winter tyres are even required by law. So that you can benefit from an optimal grip even in winter, you should only rely on models with the snowflake symbol when purchasing the tyres. Tyres with the M + S symbol offer a perfect grip especially on mud and snow.

In any weather the right ground adhesion

All-season tyres form a good compromise between summer tyres and winter tyres. With all-season tyres you are always safe in the time between spring and winter. To ensure that you are still  traveling safely with your Ford even after a tyre puncture, you can rely on tyres with run-flat technology( please always check suitability). With these you can still safely reach the next workshop - even after a complete pressure loss.

Please have a look at our extensive tyre range. Just type the required size into our search section and you will see which tyre brands are available for your particular Ford model.

You will be able to see a huge selection of tyres that are approved for your vehicle under normal circumstances. There are tyres for all Ford vehicles available in most sizes and for every budget. 

Please note that the handling characteristics of different profiles and brands may differ.

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