Chrysler Tyres

Buy the right tyres for your Chrysler here at the Farnsfield Auto Centre in Newark.

Chrysler is one of the larger car makers, which is why there is a wide range of tyre makes and models available for this brand. For the Chrysler Sebring, for example, Bridgestone tyres of the ER300 series are fitted in size 215 / 60R17. Alternatively, you can also use Chrysler tyres of sizes 205/65 R15 and 185/65 R15 for this vehicle model. In the large Van Chrysler Grand Voyager, the manufacturer uses standard tyres of the size 225/65 R17 from Goodyear.

Find the right Chrysler tyres with the Farnsfield Auto Centre.

You can easily find out which tyre you can use for your Chrysler model by typing the vehicle registration number (number plate) into our search engine. Otherwise, please refer to the vehicle registration certificate (V5). In addition to good road surface adhesion, the tyre purchase is mainly due to the lowest possible rolling resistance. This ensures low wear, reduced fuel consumption and increased driving comfort.

Please have a look at our available tyre range. Just type the required size into our search section and you will see which tyre brands are available for your Chrysler vehicle.

You will only see those tyres that are approved for your vehicle under normal circumstances. These tyres are therefore comparable to your Chrysler original equipment tyres. Please note that the handling characteristics of different profiles and brands may differ.

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