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Already since 1929, BMW has been producing high-quality vehicles that inspire drivers all over the world. So that you have the optimum control over your vehicle in every driving situation, the correct tyre is especially important. Thanks to our large selection, you will find the right tyre for every BMW model. No matter whether summer tyres, winter tyres, all-season tyres or Run-flat tyres, with the right BMW tyres, you can be sure to travel safely and comfortably whatever  the weather or road surface.

BMW tuned tyres

BMW is actively involved in the development of new tyres. The company works closely with leading tyre manufacturers such as:





The individual tyres will, of course, be tuned to all BMW types. You can recognize car tyres specially designed for the vehicle models of BMW by means of an asterisk or an A with an asterisk in the tyre designation.

Find the right BMW tyres:

With the help of the exact tyre designation you can easily find the right tyre for your BMW. 

At the beginning of the designation, the tyre width is generally always in millimeters, for example, 195. Subsequently, the cross-section is given, for example, 65 and then the rim size. Finally, the speed index is like "H", which indicates the maximum speed allowed by the tyre.

For every BMW the right tyre

Do you own a model of the X series and are also often outside the paved roads? Then you need a reliable off-road tyre, which also provides good driving comfort on the road. Off-road tyres have special requirements regarding quality, robustness, longevity and driving comfort. Drivers of

BMW 5 Series

BMW 6 Series

BMW 7 Series

usually prefer tyres with a low rolling resistance, which run correspondingly quietly and thus offer a high driving comfort. Regardless of the vehicle model, you should also pay attention to the high cost-effectiveness when purchasing BMW tyres. For this purpose, tyres with a low and uniform wear ensure a high running performance. With an economical tyre you can also reduce your fuel consumption.

Please have a look at our available tyre range. Just type the required size into our search section and you will see which tyre brands are available for your BMW.

You will only see those tyres that are approved for your vehicle under normal circumstances. These tyres are therefore comparable to your BMW original equipment tyres. Please note that the handling characteristics of different profiles and brands may differ.

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