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Are you looking for the Air-Conditioning for your vehicle?

Just like the other components of the car, the air-conditioning system also needs regular attention to ensure that it works competently and commendable and for this purpose, we at Farnsfield auto care are providing air conditioning service for all your makes and models.

It is Significant to maintain your car's cooling system all year round. Its regular maintenance helps in keeping your car cool in the summers whereas in winters helps the windows to remain demist. The air conditioner in cars is of utmost importance, and we need to keep it regularly services so that you can drive comfortably with pleasure as it keeps the internal temperature of the vehicles as per your choice. We don’t pay much consideration to this aspect of the car, but it is of vital importance when it comes to the hot summer season. Air conditioners need to be repaired or serviced after every two years or otherwise when some alarming sign occurs. The major worrisome sign is when your vehicle stops producing proper cooling inside the car. Poor air flow means the air filter and A/C components need cleaning from the hands of experts like- Farnsfield Auto care.

Why Farnsfield Auto care?

  • At Farnsfield Auto care, you will find fully qualified and trained engineers that are knowledgeable enough to find fault in the air cooling system, trained enough in their servicing and replacement, etc.
  • We offer a comprehensive air-conditioning recharge service at our physical outlet in the UK.
  • We don’t just re-gas the system but fix the issue.
  • We use tools and equipment that are solely designed for the purpose.
  • We not only remove the old gas and refill it with the new one but also include greasing the system for better yield and performance.
  • A vacuum test is also performed to look for any blows or leaks to prevent gas leaks
  • Our experts will also reveal you how the system works during the service process to clear the bacterial build up.

We recommend you to get your vehicle’s Air conditioner restocked at least every two to keep the air coming out of the vents - fresh and odourless. Therefore, when it comes to air condition look no further than Farnsfield Auto care. We will be pleased to serve you.

It is vital to keep your air conditioner working all the year properly around to stay comfortable and environmentally friendly. Not only in summers but winters also, the air conditioner helps to remove the bad air, humidity from the vehicle, so all year round service and Maintenance is vital. The system contains numerous myriad of hoses and seals that can dry out or crack, which could lead to coolant leaks and poor performance, so in that case, Farnsfield auto care, helps you with re-gas comprehensive service.  The chief reason for the inappropriate working of the car’s air conditioning system is the leakage of gas in it, therefore if you need re-gas for the same, end your search here at Farnsfield auto care.

Since we have opened our doors, we are working on automotive air conditioning systems and has a refrigerant handling license too.  A car air conditioning system loses approximately 20% of its refrigerant every year, on average. Re-gassing or recharging the air con means we are replacing this lost refrigerant. This in other terms is also called air con "gas." It is vital to get it refill from the expert hands only because delaying or avoiding the same will make the compressor of the car work twice as hard and it will wear out quickly. This Refrigerant gas is extremely damaging to the ozone layer and is irresponsible on our part if we release it into the environment. By law, it must be recycled, and we help to ensure refrigerant gas is recycled or if contaminated, destroyed using specific methods. 

What An Air con service includes:

o    Replenishment of system oil.

o    Out-and-out checks for leaks, performance, and temperature by trained technicians

o    Evacuation of moisture and air from system, plus refrigerant recovery

So get in touch with our experts and get your vehicle’s regas done from us. We have trained mechanics that will perform a series of checks, balances, repairs, and replacements to get your air conditioner in top condition.

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