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Looking for specialists for welding purposes? Farnsfield Auto Care, Newark is the best place to get it done. With decades of experience, we can provide an extensive range of services when it comes to the welding part. We will give a brand new outlook to your vehicle irrespective of their model or make. Since we have opened our doors, we are supplying innovative solutions, technical development, and customer support. We the global provider of high-quality, technologically advanced collision repair. We have specialists that offer quick and efficient welding repairs to keep your car functional. We understand how annoying can rust be for your vehicle! It can profoundly damage your car and welding is the only way to get rid of it. All the welding procedure is done using state of the art tools and technology that provides high-quality welding solutions. We commence car welding service in Newark for all types of cars, and our panel of services include-

  • Floor panel replacement
  • Suspension mount repair
  • Chassis repair
  • Wheel arch repair

These are the things that are checked during MOT test also. As per their rules and regulations, corrosion in any of the areas like

  • seat belt
  • steering points
  • Braking system mounting points, or can be on any other part of the car body needs to be repaired and welded.

On other areas of a car, to improve corrosion metal welding is essential and this is when our specialist Car welding service comes on the scene. We have welders who have in-depth knowledge and are acutely aware of the MOT welding standards. They have years of experience in the welding repairs. We weld all makes and models from general welding to underside rust corrosion in the vehicles. We deal very carefully and honestly with brands that have been created from four passion and respect only.

What makes us better from others?

  • We firmly believe Quality and safety is of the utmost importance during the welding process.
  • We protect your car from further deterioration and lengthen the life of your car.
  • We keep costs to a minimum.
  • You can trust our knowledge, honesty and artistry implicitly.

The welding and repair services may be required after an MOT failure or accident or may due to the age of the car. In all the cases, we will offer you the best possible situations at the best prices. We are often able to repair things without the need for new parts. Our car mechanics are qualified enough to restore your vehicle’s original and natural look. We can fabricate any metal material to a similar shape- so forget about those who offer you expensive welding parts and repairs and visit us today! We will fix your car for less and will also make sure that before we hand over the vehicle to you, everything is just beyond perfection. Just call us on our numbers to avail our best in quality and affordable car welding service in Newark.

Give us a chance to serve you with high-quality systems and solutions for the repair and Alignment of collision damaged vehicles!.