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Are you looking for the Tyres Heanor for your vehicle?

Farnsfield Auto Centre is a professional car garage that has a comprehensive collection of car tyres across summer, winter, or all-season variants.

We also employ some of the most experienced testers for providing an MOT test in Heanor. You have to take this test every year provided your car is 3 years old. The test checks all the components of your vehicle and assesses whether it is safe to drive.

These include:

1. Windshield

The windshield of your car must not have an obstacle or damage larger than:

  • 10% in the driver’s line of view.
  • 40% in the other areas.

2. Exhaust system

The exhaust system is prone to leaks, which causes the majority of MOT failures. If you are experiencing lower acceleration and fuel economy, then you have a problem with the same. Bring your car at once to our garage in Heanor for proper servicing.

3. Brake

A soft brake pedal means your car’s brake fluid is leaking and will lead to an MOT failure. Ensuring the braking system works correctly is essential to pass this test.

4. Suspension

If your car is pulling to one side of the road, then there is something wrong with the suspension system. Broken struts, springs, and shocks cause the most suspension and MOT test failures.

5. Tyres

Tyres must have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm. These must also not have tears longer than 25mm along with exposed cords, bulges, and cuts.

To ensure you pass the test, avail an MOT check in Heanor from Farnsfield Auto Centre. A pre-MOT check will ensure you pass this test.

Buy new tyres from us

If your car has age-old tyres, then they can lead you to fail an MOT test. Luckily, we have an exhaustive stock of car tyres Heanor from some of the world-famous brands like:

1. Continental - The German company, conceived in 1871, is currently the 3rd largest manufacturer.

We recommend –

  • WinterContact TS 860 S
  • EcoContact 6
  • AllSeasonContact

2. Bridgestone - The 2nd largest tyre manufacturer in the world, Bridgestone is a Japanese company founded back in 1931.

We recommend –

  • Turanza T005
  • Potenza S001
  • DriveGuard Summer/Winter

3. Dunlop – Founded back in 1889 in England, Dunlop is owned and operated by the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.

We recommend –

  • Sport Maxx Race 2
  • Sport Maxx RT 2
  • Winter Sport 5

4. Michelin – French tyre company Michelin is currently the largest manufacturer in the world.

We recommend –

  • Primacy 4
  • Alpin A3
  • CrossClimate+

Car tyres from Farnsfield Auto Centre

Other than the above, you can find car tyres in Heanor from other brands like Pirelli, Firestone, Hankook, Avon, and many more. Make sure to visit our car garage for a new set of tyres before you appear for an MOT test.

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