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Are you looking for the 4x4 Tyres for your vehicle?


SUV or a XUV have become widely popular in the United Kingdom and so has the demand for 4x4 tyres have increased. Owning a 4x4 or XUV can be great fun to drive on various on the road and off road terrains. If you need 4x4 tyres, then you are indeed at the right place, Farnsfield auto care offers the widest assortments of 4x4 tyres Newark from big brand names like Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone, etc. These tyres are perfect for all road surfaces and diverse environments and hence offer the optimum levels of performance.

The benefits of 4x4 tyres

  • Superior traction levels: where normal tyres do not deliver the up to the mark performance, there 4x4 tyres perform excellently such as on steep inclines, adverse weather conditions etc. 4x4 tyres, demonstrate better grip levels.
  • Capable of carrying loads: 4x4 tyres are have load index and hence can carry greater loads than any other normal or standard car tyre. Their rigid sidewalls make the tyres capable of transporting bulkier loads and families.
  • Unique tread pattern: widely spread tread pattern and larger tread blocks allows to resist the toughest terrains like mud, snow, ice etc. These tyres keep the vehicle moving on by offering enough friction.

The sort of 4x4 tyre you choose, greatly depends on its intended usage, hence Farnsfield Auto care offers

  • All terrain tyres
  • mud 4x4 tyres
  • On road tyres and off road 4x4 tyres etc.

If you use the vehicles on regular roads, then 4x4 on-road tyre will deliver the greatest benefits. Though they look like the standard tyres yet have a more significant tread pattern. Off road tyres also offer the best grip and handling even in the extreme situations but have higher levels of fuel consumption than the standard tyres. Whereas, all terrain tyres offer an excellent balance between the off roads as well as on road experiences without excessive wear and fuel consumption.

We recommend contacting the experts- Farnsfield auto care to get the best pair for your SUV.

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