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Are you looking for the 245/40 R18 Tyres for your vehicle?

Tyres in size 245/40 R18 - Farnsfield Autocenter in Newark 

Do you need new tyres in the size 245/40 R18? Then take advantage of the convenient tyre search from Farnsfield Autocentre in Newark and have a look at all the tyres for your car - whether you are looking for Continental, Goodyear or Michelin, there are models from all well-known brand manufacturers and more favourable (cheaper) ones waiting for you! If you do not have the necessary tyre size at hand, you can read it off the tyres that are currently on your vehicle. 

245: Corresponds to the nominal width of the tire in mm. In our example, the model is a maximum of 245 mm wide. 

40: Represents the nominal cross-sectional ratio (height-to-width ratio in%) of the tyre, i. the ratio between the height of the side wall and the width of the tyre cross-section. In our example, the height of the sidewall corresponds to 40% of the tyre width. The lower the sidewall. 

R: This is the tyre type. R means that it has a radial structure. 

18: This is the nominal diameter of the tyre. Here it is 18 inches. 

Find and buy your 245 40 R18 tyres quickly and without any problems! We will be glad to help you with tyre fitting. Optional, we will also deliver your order to your home. 

Have fun browsing! 

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