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Are you looking for the 225/45 R17 Tyres for your vehicle?

225/45 R17 tyres - Farnsfield Auto Centre in Newark 

Here is the true tyre expert...  

What do you say when you go to the tyre dealer? "I want to buy a 225 45 R 17"? 

Or rather "I need tyres for my Audi A3"? On the side of the tyres, a wealth of information can be read out using the cryptic description. Let us stay with the example of a 225/45 R 17 tyre size: 225 is the tyre width in millimetres, 65 the ratio of tyre height to tyre width in percent (the lower this number, the wider the tyre). R stands for radial construction (in contrast to the older diagonal tyres, the radial carcasses are arranged radially, i.e. transversely to the direction of travel, for more comfort, stability and running performance). Finally, in this case, 17, the final size indicates the rim diameter in inches. 

Load capacity index: 91 is the number for the Load Index (Load Index) on our example tyre. It indicates the maximum weight with which the individual tyre can be loaded. The load index ranges from 50 (190 kg) to 124 (1600 kg). For a load index of 91, the maximum load is 615 kg. 

So, in future, you know exactly what the numbers and letters on the tyre sidewalls mean and what the tyre dealers are talking about - it's so easy! 

Now it's time to have a look at all the great tyres we have in stock to buy online for you in this size... enjoy browsing... 

Your Farnsfield Auto Centre team in Newark 

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