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Are you looking for the 215/65 R16 Tyres for your vehicle?

Tyres in size 215/65 R16 - Farnsfield Auto Center in Newark 

If you need new tyres, you must know the right tyre size for your car. Seems you already know your tyre size 215 65 R16. 

215 = nominal width of the tyre in mm. In our example, the tyre is a maximum of 215 mm wide. 

65 = nominal cross-sectional ratio (height-to-width ratio) in% 

R = radial structure.  

16: This is the nominal rim diameter/rim size of the tyre. 16 inches. 

We always recommend double-checking the size of the tyres mounted on your vehicle with the size stated on your vehicle logbook - especially after purchasing a used vehicle. 

In the Farnsfield Auto Centre online tyre shop you will find a large selection of sizes of size 215/65 R16 to buy online from various manufacturers. 

So, check your tyre size and then in the next step, enter the tyre size into our clever search engine. This helps you with the selection, so the right make is found within seconds! Order and buy 215 65 R16 tyres easily from home, and we from the Farnsfield Auto Centre in Newark deliver your new tyres to your home or keep them ready for you at our workshop for fitting. Our team will be happy to arrange everything for you. 

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