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Are you looking for the 215/55 R16 Tyres for your vehicle?

215/55 R16 tyres - Welcome to the Farnsfield Auto Centre in Newark 

Are you looking to buy 215 55 R16 tyres? 

You have just found the best place to do so. We have lots of different models of many different brands ready for you. Just buy your 215/55 R16 tyres online.  The right tyre dimension for your vehicle 

The permissible tyre sizes for your vehicle can be found in the vehicle registration document - V5. Possibly there are even more than just one acceptable tyre size listed or special recommendations (tyre manufacturer, profile versions). In the "new" EU vehicle certificate, you will find the tyre dimensions in box 15.1, 15.2. If you are not sure which tyre size you need, just take a "look" at the sidewall marking of your "present" tyres to be replaced - or type your vehicle registration number into our tyre search engine instead of the tyre size. You will straight away see, which tyres are right for your car. If you want to be 100 percent sure, just give your main vehicle dealer a call. There they can confirm the size directly. 

What is meant by, for example, the designation: 215/55 R16 91W? 

Width of tyre in mm (215mm) 

55 ratio of height to width in% (55% of 215 mm is the height) 

R = Code for the tyre type (R = radial tyre) 

16 Industrial diameter of the tyre and the matching rim 

91 Load index of the tyre (91 = 615 kg per tyre) 

W marking for the maximum speed of the tyre (W = up to 170 mph) 

Thank you for taking the time to read our little article. Now let the tyres do the "talking". Please take your time, browse with peace of mind and then buy your 215 55 R16 tyres online. 

Your Farnsfield Auto Centre team in Newark. 

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