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Are you looking for the 215/50 R17 Tyres for your vehicle?

215/50R17 Tyres - Farnsfield Auto Centre in Newark 

215/50 R17 - is this the tyre size you are looking for for your vehicle? 

Ever wondered what all these numbers and letters mean? 

So, before you buy your 215 50 R17 tyres online, let us explain it to you ... 

Example for a size specification: 215 50 R 17 97 W 

215: Corresponds to the nominal width of the tyre in mm. In our example, the tyre is a maximum of 215 mm wide. 

50: Represents the nominal cross-sectional ratio (height-to-width ratio in%) of the tyre, i. the ratio between the height of the side wall and the width of the tyre cross-section. In our example, the height of the side wall corresponds to 50% of the tyre width. The lower the ratio, the lower the side wall. 

R: This is the tyre type. R means that it is a radial structure.  

17: This is the nominal rim diameter of the tyre. Here it is 17 inches. 

97: This is the load-bearing capacity. This figure indicates the max. Load a tyre can bear at the maximum permissible tyre inflation pressure. In our example, this does not mean that the tyre can carry 97 kg, but the index is 97. Reference should then be made to a conversion table which specifies the load bearing capacity in kg for each code. For a particular figure of 97, the maximum load bearing capacity per tyre is 730 kg. 

W: Corresponds to the max. speed at which the tyre may be driven. The speed symbol ranges from Q (lowest value) to Y (highest value) with an exception: H is between U and V. As with the load bearing capacity, each letter indicates a correspondence in mph. 

So, after this little information about your tyre size, enjoy browsing and buying your new 215/50 R17 tyres from your Farnsfield Auto Centre in Newark. 

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