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Are you looking for the 205/55 R16 Tyres for your vehicle?

Tyres in size 205/55 R16 at the Farnsfield Auto Centre in Newark

If car tyres are too old, worn or damaged, they must be replaced. When looking for new tyres, the right size comes first. Depending on the vehicle, only certain dimensions are permitted. Anyone who buys the wrong tyre size and puts them on his/her car risks both the driving licence and the insurance cover. This makes it very important to know for sure which is the approved tyre size. This can be found on the mounted tyres using the tyre designation or on the vehicle (V5). 

Check the tyre size directly on the tyre 

The tyre itself provides information on the correct tyre size for the particular car model. On the side walls of the tyres, numbers and letters are to be read which provide corresponding information.   

205, for example, is the tyre width in millimetres, 55 the ratio of tyre height to tyre width in percent (the lower this number, the wider the tyre). R stands for radial constructions (as opposed to the older diagonal tyres, the radial carcases are arranged radially, i.e. transversely to the direction of travel, for more comfort, stability and running performance). Finally, in this case, 16, the final size indicates the rim diameter in inches. 

Find tyre size in the vehicle registration document 

Even more reliable is the information on the tyre size in the vehicle documents. The certificate shows the obligatory tyre size. This is at the same time showing which rim size you need. If the information is for whatever reason not mentioned on the V5, it can be requested directly from the car's manufacturer. 

If tyres of the wrong size are installed without approval, the vehicle's driving permission is automatically extinguished (plus a penalty charge has to be paid) as it is a security risk. 

Now find tyres of the right size at Farnsfield Auto Centre in Newark. Buy your 205 55 R16 tyres online today. 

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