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Are you looking for the 205/50R17 Tyres for your vehicle?

Tyres in size 205/50R17 - Farnsfield Auto Centre in Newark 

205/50 R17 - this is the tyre size you are looking for for your vehicle? 

No problem, this tyre size is one of the many standard sizes and available in our online shop from many different manufacturers. There are 205 50 R17 tyres available for every budget and every season. 

On the side wall of a tyre are a quite a few letters and numbers visible. Ever wondered what they mean? 

Some are used by the manufacturer or the tyre dealer to identify the products; others provide information on size, design, permissible speeds and load-bearing capacity. Relatively new are the specifications for original equipment, emergency running properties and low rolling resistance. 

Size and construction 

The designation "205/50R17" tells the tyre layman relatively little, but this can be quickly clarified: By "205" the tyre manufacturer specifies the nominal tyre width in millimetres. The number "55" refers to the nominal cross-sectional ratio, i.e. the ratio of the height to the width of a tyre. The height of the side wall is 55% of the nominal width. 

The abbreviation "R" provides information about the construction method and describes the way in which the cord threads of the carcass have been processed. There are two abbreviations: "R" stands for "Radial". In the case of radial tires, the individual threads of the carcass are laid transversely to the direction of travel. The advantage is a higher speed resistance than the diagonal tyres used in the past, better grip and more comfortable handling.  

The number "16" indicates the rim diameter in inches, which means that a tyre is to be mounted on a 16-inch rim. Load bearing index and speed symbol. The last number, for example, a "91" is the load index. 

For the conversion of this numerical code to the maximum load-bearing capacity of a tyre, there is a standard conversion table starting at 50 (= 190 Kg) and in one steps up to 124 (= 1,600 Kg). Directly after the "91" follows another letter, the speed symbol  - for example a "V" indicating the maximal speed. In this case, the tyre has a clearance of up to 150 mph. Other common identifications are T (free up to 190 km / h), H (free up to 210 km / h), V (free up to 240 km / h), W (free up to 270 km / h) and Y (free up to 300 km /H). The maximum speed of pure ZR tyres is not standardised;  

So, here you go...it's quite easy, isn't it? Now you should have a look what we have to offer. 

Our Farnsfield Auto Centre in Newark always has a fantastic range of tyres available for you online. 

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