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Are you looking for the 205/45 R17 Tyres for your vehicle?

Tyres in size 205/45 R17- Farnsfield Autocenter in Newark 

205 45 R17 - is the tyre size you need for your vehicle? Have you ever wondered what all these numbers and letters mean? 

So, before you buy your 205/45R17 tyres online, let us explain it to you... 

205: Corresponds to the nominal width of the tyre in mm. In our example, the tyre is a maximum of 205 mm wide. 

45: Represents the nominal cross-sectional ratio (height-to-width ratio in%) of the tyre, i. the ratio between the height of the side wall and the width of the tyre cross-section. In our example, the height of the side wall corresponds to 45% of the tyre width. The lower the ratio, the lower the side wall. 

R: This is the tyre type. R simply means that it is a radial structure.  

17: This is the nominal rim diameter of the tyre. 17 inches. 

With 205/45R17 tyres, you are buying moderately sized tyres which are used for many vehicles from the compact class to the SUV. All well-known tyre manufacturers and budget brands alike produce tyres to this standard and assure a wide selection in various tyre series. Our Online shop offers 205 45 R17 tyres from Continental, Pirelli, Michelin and many other brands, so you can buy tyres at your preferences from the premium brands to the cheap alternative. With our easy-to-use search engine, you will find and buy the right 205/45R17 tyres with only a few mouse clicks. 

Enjoy browsing and buy your 225/50 R17 tyres with peace of mind at your Farnsfield Auto Centre in Newark. 

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