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Are you looking for the 185/65R15 Tyres for your vehicle?

Tyres in size 185/65R15 - Welcome to the Farnsfield Auto Centre in Newark! 

Are you looking for tyres in size 185/65R15? - We can certainly help. 

Ever wondered what the numbers on the tyre sidewalls actually mean? You know, it has something to do with the tyre size, but probably you are not quite sure how the sizes are calculated? We can assure you; it's not that difficult... 

You want to understand the markings on your tyre edge and the dimensional designations? Here you will find a brief and straightforward guide explaining the different figures and symbols visible on the tyre side walls. 

Nominal width - the width of the tyre (in mm) 

Height-to-width ratio - Nominal cross-section ratio (in %) indicates the proportion between the height of the tyre flank and the width of the tyre itself. The larger the figure, the higher the tyre edge, the smaller, the narrower the tyre edge. 

Rim diameter - indicates the nominal diameter as a code and defines the rim diameter in inches. 

The load capacity - sets the permissible axle load. The higher this figure, the higher the load-bearing capability of the tyre. 

Speed symbol - indicates the maximum tyre speed allowed. 

Tyres of size 185/65R15 are standard tyres, mainly for smaller cars, so all tyre manufacturers produce them. 

You will see, we at the Farnsfield Auto Centre in Newark offer a broad range of quality tyres in this size. To can find your perfect tyres by just typing the size into our search engine on our website and then buy with peace of mind. 

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