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Tyre Manufacturers - Toyo Tyres

Iconic brand- Toyo tyres are being declared as the best Tyres continuously for eight years by the American Supplier Awards. The brand was established in 1945 in Japan and uses technology-oriented manufacturing ways. Toyo is working hard to be ranked as the number one tyre manufacturing unit by manufacturing perfect tyres. It’s been years; Toyo has gained proficient success in motorsports around the world, building an inheritance of winning and has become the first Japanese tyre company in the world to establish a U.S. subsidiary.

Why Toyo tyres?

  • Modern re-looking tread pattern,
  • assurance of excellent grip in aquaplaning conditions
  • These tyres promote innovation and performance in the tyre industry.
  • Availability of extensive size range in all its categories
  • Provides a balance of comfort, environmental performance to the drivers.

At Farnsfield auto care, we have Tyres that will answer all your needs and requirements whether they are linked to durability, safety, gripping levels, fuel efficiency, etc. With their production lines like the Proxis T1, this Japanese brand has attracted the widest lot of drivers. The other main Toyo models include The Toyo 310 which is a summer tyre with excellent performance and enhanced grip on dry surfaces. The Toyo 330 is a cost-effective tyre that is best suitable to perform in wet conditions. The Toyo 350 is a tyre advanced specifically for small and medium sized cars. The Toyo NanoEnergy R38A is a car tyre designed with fuel efficiency as a priority. Through their determined pursuit of superiority, Toyo Tyres have become one of the world's leading tyre producers, selling products in 80 countries. Toyo's goal has always been to offer the best and high-quality tyres that offer outstanding road holding in all challenging conditions, with minimum levels of noise.

All the tyres from Toyo family are made to carve their path, so grab them today from Farnsfield Auto care.

Toyo Tyres Models

Toyo 350  Tyres350  Tyres
Toyo E60  TyresE60  Tyres
Toyo H08  TyresH08  Tyres
Toyo H09  TyresH09  Tyres
Toyo Ho8  TyresHo8  Tyres
Toyo J48 G  TyresJ48 G  Tyres
J48 G
Toyo J50  TyresJ50  Tyres
Toyo Nano Energy 3  TyresNano Energy 3  Tyres
Nano Energy 3
Toyo Nano Energy 3 XL TyresNano Energy 3 XL Tyres
Nano Energy 3 XL
Toyo Nano Energy J61A  TyresNano Energy J61A  Tyres
Nano Energy J61A
Toyo Nano Energy R38A  TyresNano Energy R38A  Tyres
Nano Energy R38A
Toyo Nano Energy R41  TyresNano Energy R41  Tyres
Nano Energy R41
Toyo Open Country A/T  TyresOpen Country A/T  Tyres
Open Country A/T
Toyo Open Country A/T XL TyresOpen Country A/T XL Tyres
Open Country A/T XL
Toyo Open Country A/T+  TyresOpen Country A/T+  Tyres
Open Country A/T+
Toyo Open Country A/T+ XL TyresOpen Country A/T+ XL Tyres
Open Country A/T+ XL
Toyo Open Country A20A  TyresOpen Country A20A  Tyres
Open Country A20A
Toyo Open Country A28 XL TyresOpen Country A28 XL Tyres
Open Country A28 XL
Toyo Open Country H/T  TyresOpen Country H/T  Tyres
Open Country H/T
Toyo Open Country H/T OWL  TyresOpen Country H/T OWL  Tyres
Open Country H/T OWL
Toyo Open Country H/T XL TyresOpen Country H/T XL Tyres
Open Country H/T XL
Toyo Open Country M/T POR  TyresOpen Country M/T POR  Tyres
Open Country M/T POR
Toyo Open Country U/T  TyresOpen Country U/T  Tyres
Open Country U/T
Toyo Open Country U/T XL TyresOpen Country U/T XL Tyres
Open Country U/T XL
Toyo Open Country W/T  TyresOpen Country W/T  Tyres
Open Country W/T
Toyo Open Country W/T XL TyresOpen Country W/T XL Tyres
Open Country W/T XL
Toyo Proxes 36  TyresProxes 36  Tyres
Proxes 36
Toyo Proxes 4 XL TyresProxes 4 XL Tyres
Proxes 4 XL
Toyo Proxes C1S  TyresProxes C1S  Tyres
Proxes C1S
Toyo Proxes C1S XL TyresProxes C1S XL Tyres
Proxes C1S XL